Friday, 31 December 2010

teddy bear! (photo heavy!)

as some of you may know, i have a baby brother, born on the 6th august this year, his name is freddie and i was originally going to make him a bear for his first toy, unfortunately i didn't finish it in time so left it for aaages but since i'm now on school holidays, i thought i might continue with my project and the little panda is now complete! i'm so happy with him (apart from the fact i forgot to put in eyes before i stuffed the head, ignore that!), i never thought i would actually be able to make a bear so i'm somewhat proud of myself haha(:  he was also really cheap to make, i bought the pattern which came with the all the templates and fabric you need from this site which also features loads of other adorable designs but it appears that she's only doing epatterns now (just the template which you print out) which is disappointing, but there are still plenty of bear making kits all over the internet, i also would check out etsy if you're interested, hope you like my little creation(:
also, happy new years eve! :D


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