Saturday, 18 December 2010

mini project!

sssooo, i'm mega bored, what with school being over and whatnot so i've decided to make a mini tutorial!  it's about how to revamp a piece of old jewellery into something new and more wearable! for example,  i used to looove this old robot necklace but nowadays i don't really wear this type of necklace so i decided to chop and change it around and fashioned it into a super cute double chain charm bracelet!

you will need:
2 pairs of jewellery pliers

an old piece of jewellery you want to revamp
1. decide what you want to do with the item of jewellery you have. i would say the easiest is turning a necklace into a bracelet as you don't have to buy any extra chain then.

2.  if you are making a bracelet out of a necklace, wrap the chain around your wrist to find the length you need to reduce it to (if you are doing a double chain bracelet like me, measure twice).  when you are satisfied with the length just use the pliers to split the chain link and discard it.  you should then be left with a chain in a bracelet length.

3. next find the clasp and the piece of chain it attatches to to keep the jewellery on.  open this jumpring by the method shown below:
credit: Ornamentea
 then take it off it's existing chain and place it on the end of your new bracelet.

4.  if there are any charms you'd like to put on, again use the jumpring method and add them on at any point in the bracelet.  i had four charms and put them in all four corners of the bracelet. 

5. your updated jewellery is now complete! wear it with pride!
(ignore the pen on my hand!) 

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