Friday, 10 December 2010


sssoooo i'm constantly shopping online but i never thought to look on the zara website, it's never really been my thing as it's always pretty out of my price range and not really the things i would wear but someone sent me the link to an item they liked from the trf range and i had a little browse of the other products, i fell in love with everything!  below are a few of my favourites:

1. sheepskin lined denim jacket, £39.99.  this is so nice!  i'm sooo putting this on my christmas list!  it would be perfect to layer up in this cold winter but also to wear with pretty dresses in the summer, wannnnt! <3

2. chambray skirt with hearts, £19.99.  this is nice but i'm not sure i'd be able to pull it off, might look a bit funny on me..

3. sweatshirt with elbow patches, £16.99, again it's lovely but i wouldn't know how to wear it!

4. sweatshirt with plush appliques, £19.99.  same as above reallyyy.

5. retro checkered skirt, £19.99.  really like this too, i could dress it up or down for diff occasions i guesss:D

meh, well that's about as interesting as my day gets unfortunately! sorry guys:L

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  1. Same! I have recently found that i want to buy everything in Zara! I love the first jacket, so gorgeous!


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