Thursday, 23 December 2010

sugar magazine shoot

so if you have been a follower for a while you will have read my post about getting featured in the one and only sugar magazine! i managed to get the opportunity because i did an internship there over the summer and was offered the privilege to model in the 'take six' section.  the shoot was really cool and professional with huge mirrors and stylists to sort your hair and makeup out and there was a proper set with bright lighting and everything haha, unfortunately the styling was not very 'me' and they curled my hair and put on pink lipstick(!!) but it needed to fit the image of a christmas party etc so just had to suck it up haha, now some of the pictures aren't too great but here are a few of them: (first one was the one featured in the magazine).
in case you were wondering what the letters are about, there were several girls in the shoot and we had to pose with letters that spelled out 'party' (with a star at the end haha)
thanks for reading guuuyyys(:


  1. What a great opportunity :). Lovely pictures too, I'd die for your legs they're uber long and thin :):).
    Have a lovely Christmas

  2. wow you look great! yeah also with emma, very jealous of your legs you look suuuper tall >.< i'm like 5"2 ahaxx

  3. aww thank you! but you don't need to be tall to look tall, there are some great shoes out there :D xx


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