Monday, 27 December 2010

forever 21 goodies!

this may sound a little weird, but i hate january sales.  they're just way too hectic and you can't concentrate when there are so many people around you, rushing around like mad people trying to get all the bargains they can.  this is the reason i love online shopping, frankly i prefer it to shopping in actual shops, cause you know instantly what sizes/colours etc are available and you avoid queues and angry shoppers.  the only downside is that you don't know how large the sizes are or how it looks on you, but i don't really mind.

so today was just another lazy day at home with the fam and i've been january sale shopping online and i had a look through aaaall the high street shops, topshop, new look, h&m, forever 21 but i really couldn't find anything amazing and i was rather disappointed with forever 21's sale section, there's hardly anything there! i then started looking through the other stuff, that wasn't in the sale and fell in love with a few items, i ended up spending £36!  can't wait for it all to arrive though!  here's what i bought:

1. extended raglan tee - £12.80

Product Picture

2. bicycle necklace - £4.80

Product Picture

Product Picture

4. knee high socks - £5.80

Product Picture

altogether i'm really happy with my purchases, can't wait for them to arrive and see what they look like on! :D 

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