Wednesday, 29 December 2010

christmas presents!

looking at this picture i feel so insanely spoiled! i guess it's probably down to my parents being divorced so i get two christmases and i have generally a large family.  i'm really happy with my presents though, especially as i'm officially allowed to take my macbook wherever i want now and i got apple tv and the uggs, hoodies & coat i asked for(:  my most unusual can be found right at the front, that strange black pole is in fact a legless tripod, i don't quite see the point but i'll have fun fashioning some legs for it i guess(:  sorry for the seemingly boastful post haha, it's not supposed to be aimed in that way d:

on another note, next year i will be bringing out susanna valentine's first ring! it will be a range of proper vintage domino rings.  i initially want them to be the trending double finger ring but i need to check how big the dominoes are first, because i don't think they'll stretch over two fingers! so yeah stay tuned for that, should be quite good, and super individual (and affordable) too :D


  1. OMG all ur stuff is sooo cool!
    I am sooo jealous!
    I love your maroon sweater, Mac & the SLR handbook :)

    good luck with the ring project♥


  2. oooh great pressies! :) xxx


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