Monday, 18 October 2010


Hey, so i'm major sorry i haven't been posting lately, mega busy at the moment with all my school work ):  at least i get half term soon, can't wait! :D  this is just an update of what's going on with me lately!

i have developed obsessions with outer space, triangles, feathers, two finger rings, furry trapper hats and vintage cameras, so am going crazy on ebay at the moment.  i've managed to buy a few cameras from ebay shown below:

Polaroid 1000 (i blogged about it before)

polaroid supercolour 635, £10 ebay
G Bell & Howell vintage movie camera, £11.20 ebay

so altogether i did alright with that, i've also got my eye on one of those duaflex cameras! :D
as i said, i also got a double finger ring, it's originally from forever 21 and i can't wait for it to arrive! i also got a sterling silver ring with a real opal because it's my birth stone, plus it was real cheap, then i finally gave in and made a scrabble ring for myself, we have a really old scrabble ring and i have some ring blanks so was a real quick job, im also thinking of making myself a domino ring :D

and last picture, i got this hat from primark and am in love!

/epicly long & boring post


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