Saturday, 9 October 2010

So I'm 16!

Sorry I didn't post earlier, yesterday was hectic, was so amazing and I'd like to thank all of my friends for making it special for me ^-^  Let me run you through my day(s):

1. woke up late and almost missed the bus, when i got there one of my best friends maria was waiting with my present from her:D

2. arrived at school and got yet more presents from other friends then at break livvy had bought me loads of cakes and we did the whole happy birthday/candle thing aha

3. got home and got ready then picked up by my shaunyyy at 7 and went out for dinner then back to mine to pick up sleepover stuff and we cotched around at his until i was falling asleep and moved to his sisters room haha

4. got picked up by mum in the morning and we went to basingstoke to go birthday present shopping then home and family birthday dinner with my brother who normally boards at school in somerset but came down especially:D  i haven't actually seen my dad this weekend because he cancelled my birthday party and we're currently not speaking /: its complicated and sad):

sorry the post is kinda rushed, i'm knackered ); i'll post sooon!


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