Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

So today is Halloween! I'm really tired because I went to a party last night and stayed up pretty late.  It was fancy dress and I dressed up as a red indian!  Not really very scary I know but I really wanted to wear the massive headdress thing(:  Here's a picture of my outfit:
Unfortunately, I'm way too old to go trick or treating this year so I have to be the one who opens the door to random costume wearers ):

Susanna Valentine has also had quite a few orders recently, resulting in some items being sold out!  As there was only one of the 'Guess How Much I Love You Necklaces' ever made, this item is sold out, thanks to a very lucky buyer! 
I will be removing this item from the website shortly but don't worry!  I already have a brand new necklace to replace it with!

We have also sold out of the wildflower bracelet.
Fortunately, I can make up some more stock pretty quickly so more will be added soon!

Happy Halloween everybody!


  1. hehe funny, i was going to be a red indian :D, your outfit is fabby xx


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